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Shipping Supplies in Utah

Any retailer worth their salt knows the importance of shipping products safely to customers; they take up a huge chunk of your profits and affect your overall shipping budget. So, it’s essential to find a supplier of cost-effective shipping and packing supplies that guarantee maximum protection.

Nash Packaging offers a range of shipping supplies in Utah to ensure your product arrives at its destination safely. Our company helps you secure your merchandise with the following products:

  • Stock and custom boxes – We manufacture corrugated boxes for shipping, packaging, moving, and displaying products. If you’re looking for a specific type of box, we can manufacture one according to your requirements.
  • Corrugated pads – Cushion your shipping products with our corrugated sheets. They organize and disperse weight between product layers.
  • Printed folding cartons – Our folded cartons look spectacular on shelves. They come in various shapes and sizes to keep your merchandise safe for shipping.
  • Stretch film – Keep your items tightly bound with our stretch films. They come in a variety of thicknesses and widths to fully secure your load.
  • Courier mailers – Send your products securely and conveniently with our durable and tear-resistant courier mailers. Since they’re light, waterproof, and have an adhesive strip, they will keep your package safe while in transit.
  • Poly bags – Plastic bags are commonly used in retail, food, and industrial packaging. Their tensile strength, flexibility, and water-resistant properties make them an excellent packaging choice.
  • Shipping tubes – Eliminate the need for oversized shipping boxes with our mailing tubes. Our rigid tubes feature lightweight designs and heavy-duty solutions. With its round form and reinforced corners, you can count on their enhanced durability during shipping.

Ensure your products arrive in good condition with our shipping supplies in Salt Lake City. Secure your future shipments and fill out our order form today.